25 agosto 2022

IMPULSE GALLERY brings unique exhibition of new sculptures by Julian Voss-Andreae to Switzerland

Starting on August, 25, a selection of sculptures by internationally renowned artist Julian Voss-Andreae that have never been shown before will be on display in Lucerne, Switzerland - both at IMPULSE GALLERY and in front of the Grand Hotel National and the KKL Lucerne directly next to Lake Lucerne. The exhibition “Beneath Reality” aspires to remind the viewer how strongly the perception of reality depends on the perspective.

Julian Voss-Andreae understands, unlike any artist, how to capture the interaction between humans and their environment; thus making the subjective view of reality visible and tangible. His sculptures created from plates of metals are as simple as they are complex. From one perspective, they appear as human figures. From another perspective, they seem to disappear before the eyes of the viewer and reveal the reality of their surroundings. This magical interplay forms a constant shift between what we think we see and what is actually seen.

“In turbulent times like these, we humans need to find ourselves”, says Julian Voss-Andreae. “Beneath Reality reminds us that reality is always how we see things. When we change our perspective, our reality changes as well.”

Partnership with the Grand Hotel National

To give this interplay between physics and metaphysics its full stage, a total of 10 sculptures will be on display both indoors at Impulse Gallery and in outdoor areas against the imposing backdrop of lakes and mountains in Lucerne. In special partnership with the Grand Hotel National, the sculptures “Sitting Man” and “Kneeling Woman” have been installed on the Nationalquai. Claudia Limacher, founder of the Impulse Gallery, is very pleased about the collaboration with the Grand Hotel National: “Impulse Gallery aspires to break through boundaries and to make art accessible to everyone. Through the exhibition Beneath Reality, we are extremely honoured to be able to bring art closer to the public”. The Grand Hotel National is equally as excited about the partnership with Raimondo P. Erculiani, owner of the Grand Hotel National Lucerne, sharing: “We love art and always want to offer our guests something special.”


Another sculpture entitled “Head” is also installed directly in front of the KKL Luzern. This large-scale sculpture looks across Lake Lucerne towards the sculptures that are located in front of the Grand Hotel National and at Impulse Gallery on the Haldenstrasse; inviting onlookers to do the same.


Julian Voss-Andreae: Artist, Philosopher, and Natural Scientist

Julian Voss-Andreae is internationally known for his unique sculptures that blend art and science. His works are shown at art fairs and galleries worldwide and are included in major collections in the U.S. and Europe, as well as in Asia, Africa and Australia. Voss-Andreae was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, but studied physics and philosophy in Berlin and Edinburg. To study fine arts, he moved to Portland (USA) where he now lives and works. His knowledge and great passion for science and philosophy are a constant source of inspiration for his artistic work in which the unique symbiosis of said disciplines is evident.

IMPULSE GALLERY: Community, Creativity, and Diversity

IMPULSE GALLERY, located at Haldenstrasse 19 in Lucerne, is built on the idea of art as an act of community; as a medium to bring people from all walks of life together. In an often elitist art market, Impulse Gallery stands for closeness, creativity, and diversity. “Art drives us to cross boundaries and to take risks - to be impulsive.” says Founder Claudia Limacher. “Art unfolds this unique power when people come together and share their passion for it. Is it exactly for this reason why we are enormously pleased to present Julian Voss-Andreae’s unique sculptures not only in our gallery space but also to people throughout the city of Lucerne.”

Die IMPULSE GALLERY an der Haldenstrasse 19 in Luzern ist von Mittwoch bis Freitag zwischen 11 und 18 Uhr, sowie am Samstag zwischen 11 und 16 Uhr geöffnet. Von Sonntag bis Dienstag sind Besuche auf individuelle Anfrage möglich. Alle Informationen zur IMPULSE GALLERY gibt es online auf

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