LONGCHAMP Lausanne - Longchamp store reopening

21 aprile 2022
LONGCHAMP Lausanne - Longchamp store reopening

April 2022 – It’s in the magnificent Saint-François gallery – a historic shopping gallery from the beginning of the 20th century that marked the transformation of the district in the 1900’s – that the Longchamp store is located.

The edifice embodies the Swiss art of living and elegance. Its long windows engulf the covered passage and follow us to the rounded pediment formed by the oriel glass roof, supported by sumptuous pilasters. This verticalist Art Nouveau composition of English influence and endowed with a rich carved decoration, in the heart of the district, surprises as much as it invites curiosity, discovery of this rich and authentic heritage, but also to stroll. An invigorating and warm experience that adds to the welcoming atmosphere imbued with tranquility and softness of the boutique.

Inside the Longchamp boutique, a real cocoon awaits passers-by. As in an apartment, cabinet of curiosities stage the new collections. While the small living room and the Le Pliage library remind of us home, they also encourage us to take time to choose one of the many gourmet colors of the season. To do that, what’s better than sitting down on the soft sofa for a few moments while leafing through latest trends’ magazines. The omnipresent craftmanship liven this lively place up, mixing perfectly sculpturalness and functionality.

Alongside the travel books, small wooden cicadas brighten up the shelves. The reminder of the green color (which is emblematic of the Maison) adds a touch of freshness and energy. In this spirit, the green mugs of Pia Chevalier, a young Parisian ceramist, decorate the shelves and keep company to the iconics South mixed clay ceramics from Atelier Franca.

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A real invitation to an authentic journey in the Mediterranean, desired by Sophie Delafontaine, Artistic Director, inspired by her many stays in her house in the South of France. She offers a collection that pays tribute to Provence, its fabrics, its embroideries, its way of life. A collection with sunny colors, printed fabrics, and eclectic details.

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