Bentley explore th e world in your own Bentayga EWB

February 8, 2023
Bentley explore th e world in your own Bentayga EWB

Choose your own specification, go for a drive, park where you want. Augmented Reality app allows users to experience the Bentayga EWB anywhere the user chooses - from their driveways to the bookcase. AR technology provides customers and enthusiasts their own personalized experience. Linked to Bentley's extensive configurator, providing over 24 billion car specifications - even before personalization. Driving mode allows fun ability to drive in any location your device can see. Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Crewe - 8 February 2023

Customers and enthusiasts can now explore the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase (EWB) and take it for a virtual drive in a real life location of their choice, or simply check how it looks on their driveway.

Bentley has launched a new Augmented Reality app to showcase the world's finest luxury SUV. Exterior paints, leather colour and cabin styles can all be changed to produce your own personally commissioned Bentayga EWB.

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However if you cannot choose, two preset specifications have been made to represent the two key characteristics of the Bentayga EWB - luxury and performance, combined in the archetypal Bentley harmony of polarities. The 'Luxury' specification is a Rose Gold exterior, with an interior finished in Porpoise and Linen hide.

In contrast, the 'Performance' specification has a Grey Violet exterior with Damson and Linen leather accented with contrast stitching. Both configurations showcase the Azure Specification, Rear Seat Entertainment, Bentley Diamond Illumination and the new lofted quilting design around the cabin. The 'Performance' specification also features the contemporary Blackline Specification.

The application uses the latest Augmented Reality technologies and is amongst the most advanced in the automotive industry. As well as choosing multiple specifications, users can change the size of the car, viewing it on a table top or scaling up to a full-size simulation. Users are also able to take the Bentayga EWB on an augmented reality test drive, in third person view.

The Bentayga EWB AR Visualiser also provides a link to the extensive Bentley Configurator leading to over 24 billion different specification combinations. Hotspots provide further detail in to the new feature content for the Bentayga EWB.

The Bentayga EWB AR app is available via the links below:

Google Play Store - Apple App Store

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