Longchamp woman on sunset beach

December 21, 2022
Longchamp woman on sunset beach

In the middle of a room bathed in sunshine, an open suitcase offers a glimpse of the Longchamp woman’s summer wardrobe.

She loves to get up early. Feeling light and confident, she pulls on a cotton and linen playsuit, adjusting it in front of the mirror before sweeping her hair up into a messy chignon, which she ties with a polka- dot silk ribbon. She slips one foot, then the other, into a pair of tan leather clogs, which complement her casual-chic style. As she leaves the room, she snatches up her favorite summer bag – a mini vanity case in fuchsia-embroidered, straw-effect canvas, which adds a pop of color to her look. The sounds of the street mingle with the scents of summer as she wanders along with a carefree smile.

High noon. Sipping a glass of sparkling water at a pavement café, she watches the world go by from behind her marble sunglasses. Time seems to stand still and she savors the moment, before heading back to prepare for the beach...

On the way, she protects her hair from the wind with a printed silk ribbon in a gradation of summer shades. The energy of the sun seems to suffuse the surroundings: the sand is warm, the blue of the sea merges with the sky, and peals of laughter ring through the air. Life feels good.

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The Longchamp woman surprises her friends by pulling out of her sunset-hued Le Pliage® shopping net an inflatable Lamzac® O armchair by Fatboy x Longchamp. She has chosen the bright green version, which complements her lemon-colored swimsuit with asymmetric straps – a sporty design that matches the energy with which she inflates the lighter-than-air pouf. Burying her feet in the sand, she shields her eyes from the sun behind green, oversized shades. She alternates dips in the sea with beach tennis and volleyball, before joining her friends for a partie de Molkky.

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Bending slightly as she takes aim, she is grateful for the comfort of her Le Pliage® Re-Play flat sandals, not to mention the freedom of movement afforded by her oversized, striped tunic in soft, lightweight cotton with a polo collar. Both in fashion and pétanque, she masters all the rules, and soon her joie de vivre carries the day, just in time for an aperitif.

As the moon rises, nobody’s leaving the beach or its straw huts strung with lights. Music, seafood and sunrise cocktails – matching the colors of the Epure bucket bag – add to the party atmosphere. The Longchamp woman smiles and laughs, reveling in the Glamping ambiance. On the dance floor, swathed in polka-dot silk, her body moves to the rhythm of the notes, while her petal-colored sneakers soften the vibrant lemon of her long dress.

The next morning. To boost her energy levels after a short night, she heads down to the harbor, where the café is opening its doors just as the fishing boats return to port. Today, she has opted for a laid- back, bohemian vibe in a long, floral-print cotton dress with a polo collar, which she has accessorized with a Le Pliage® Xtra vanity in leather and a pink denim baseball cap with the Longchamp racehorse logo. She has swapped her sneakers for a pair of lemon calfskin clogs with lime-wood heels.

Surrounded by people she loves, she will celebrate summer until the sun goes down.

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